SAY Lands Advisory Committee

  • Within the three Land Codes there is a requirement to form a committee of at least 6, (two from each Nation) members.
  • The Committee provide advice, assist in creating new laws, land procedures and other needs as required.
  • 2 Year Term, appointed by Council and work within the Terms of Reference for the Committee.
  • The currect SAY Lands Advisory Committee members are listed below:

Aitchelitz First Nation
Alicia George-Bailey
Leona Sam

Skowkale First Nation
Brianna Nakagawa
Shayla Hall
Gay Kelly 
Joanne Jefferson
Lydia Archie
June Point

Jeanette Archie(Participation Only)
Willy Hall

Yakweakwioose First Nation
Elaine Malloway
Jennifer Malloway